2010.09.13: Electric Skin that Rivals the Real Thing
2010.09.12: RAPUDA robot arm for wheelchairs
2010.09.12: Colony Scout: Affordable robots for collaborative systems research
2010.04.28: NASA's robot submarine achieves perpetual motion, of a sort
2010.04.26: Perching UAV Sticks To Walls
2010.04.21: Robot Dental Patient Can Take My Place Anytime
2010.04.21: CMU Unified Snake Robot
2010.02.15: Aikon 2 Robot Sketches the Human Face
2010.01.30: Proto-2 Humanoid Robot
2010.01.01: Omnitread Search & Rescue Snake Bot
2009.12.28: DASH: Resilient Hexapedal Robot
2009.12.16: Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Challenges the Roomba
2009.12.03: A Tongue-Tracking Artificial Larynx
2009.12.03: Another fish swims into the robot pool
2009.12.03: Man controls cybernetic hand with thoughts
2009.11.30: NOELLE: The Pregnant Robot
2009.11.23: SensorFly for Hazardous Situations
2009.11.21: TRESSA: NASA's Rock Climbing Robot Project
2009.11.17: iRobot Seaglider Wanders Oceans
2009.11.17: HeartWare Heart Pump Shows Positive Results
2009.11.16: Research Teams Successfully Operate Multiple Biomedical Robots From Numerous Locations
2009.11.16: Older Adults Want Robots That Do More Than Vacuum
2009.11.13: Food Robot Turns Heads in Tokyo
2009.10.30: AIDA Is Your Dashboard Back Seat Driving Robot
2009.10.28: ROPID Can Jump And Run, Almost
2009.10.28: PETMAN - BigDog gets a Big Brother
2009.10.25: Robotic 'Smart Hand' has feelings
2009.09.28: Lockheed Martin SAMARAI UAV Scares Me
2009.09.24: MIT researchers tout progress with retinal implant
2009.09.23: UAVs Stay In The Air For Days, Months
2009.09.17: NASA Road-Tests New Moon Rover
2009.09.15: The Return of the Blob As a Robot
2009.09.14: Bloodbot automatically detects and withdraws your blood
2009.09.09: Human-like Vision Lets Robots Navigate Naturally
2009.08.25: Legacy B-52 to launch futuristic WaveRider
2009.08.25: RoboCar package gives students taste of things to come
2009.08.21: Exoskeletons Are on the March
2009.08.13: ROS: a common OS to streamline robotic engineering
2009.08.04: Carnegie Mellon Rover is a Hi-Def TV Studio, Internet Node
2009.07.20: Tiny Telescopes Help the Blind See Again
2009.07.07: Robotic bats fly with shape memory alloy morphable wings
2009.07.06: Nintendo Wii May Enhance Parkinson's Treatment
2009.07.06: Hybrid System Of Human-Machine Interaction Created
2009.07.06: Killer robots can be taught ethics
2009.07.02: Robotic Therapy Holds Promise For Cerebral Palsy
2009.07.02: Researchers Unveil Whiskered Robot Rat
2009.05.08: Robotic hand controlled by compressed air grasps the concept of delicacy
2009.04.23: Norwegian firm testing what may be 'world's smallest' helicopter
2009.04.23: Hydrogen-powered UAV in the works
2009.04.23: Visual EMR Software Pass Clinical Trial
2009.04.23: Next Generation of Ossur Power Knee in Action
2009.03.14: Scientists Watch Brain Networks Rewire Themselves
2009.03.14: Biosensors Help Build Personalized Amusement Rides
2009.03.02: Magic mirror shows real-time muscle data
2009.02.25: MAKO Introduces RIO Robotic Arm for Orthopedic Surgeries
2009.02.25: Borg-like cybots may patrol government networks
2009.02.24: RETISERT Eye Implant Prevents Lost Vision
2009.02.22: NASA and ESA to send next big mission to moons of Jupiter
2009.02.22: Reading Thoughts with Brain Imaging
2009.02.22: New Design Allows for More Powerful MRI Machines
2009.02.22: Neural Modeling Aims to Explain Seizures
2009.02.15: Immaculate Prosthetic Arm Makes Prosthetics... Sexy?
2009.02.15: Emoti-Chair Brings Music to the Deaf
2009.02.15: Canadian scientists read minds with infrared scan
2009.02.15: Better Artificial Nose Inspired By Sniffer Dogs
2009.02.15: Implant Makes Cells Kill Cancer
2009.02.15: The Army's Remote-Controlled Beetle
2009.02.13: Sci-fi laser stiches wounds
2009.02.13: Don't Try This At Home: DIY Prosthesis
2009.02.12: HeartLander's Journey Progresses
2009.02.11: Researchers Learn Why Robots Get Stuck In The Sand
2009.02.10: Smart Chair Turns The Paralyzed Into Robowarriors
2009.02.09: Start-up warms up personal robots
2009.02.09: Data Mining Promises To Dig Up New Drugs
2009.02.09: Simulation Reveals How Body Repairs Balance After Damage
2009.02.06: NASA fashions mountain climbing robot
2009.02.05: Snake-like Robot Conquers Obstacles
2009.02.05: Choice Of Robot Companion Depends On Personality Type
2009.02.05: First Humanoid Robot That Will Develop Language May Be Coming Soon
2009.02.05: Professor Designs Plasma-propelled Flying Saucer
2009.02.05: Bacteria Are Models Of Efficiency
2009.02.04: Engineering Graduate Student Narrows Gap Between High-resolution Video And Virtual Reality
2009.02.04: Teaching Children About Artificial Intelligence Through New Computer Game
2009.02.04: Cyclogyro Flying Robot Improves Its Angles Of Attack
2009.02.04: A Balancing Act: Ballbot from Carnegie Mellon
2009.02.04: Canadian Robot Walks Underwater
2009.02.03: A Robomedic for the Battlefield
2009.02.03: Students call space station with home-built radio
2009.02.03: Biomedical Engineers 'Arm' Surgeons For Highly Precise Knee Resurfacing With Robot
2009.02.03: Pong-playing robot won't lose, not ever
2009.02.03: Japanese Robot Suit (HAL)
2009.02.03: Robot vacuum is overlord of crumbs
2009.02.03: Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Promises a More Cost-Effective, Patiently Friendly Future
2009.02.03: ASI Chaos Small Robot To Participate In Series Of Exercises
2009.02.03: High tech robotic wheelchair commanded by thought developed
2009.02.02: Sony Develops Finger Vein Authentication Technology
2009.02.02: Human-like NASA Space Robot Goes Mobile with Leg, Wheels
2009.02.01: Can Networked Human Computation Solve Computer Language Comprehension?
2009.02.01: Robotics Integrated With Human Body In Near Future?
2009.02.01: Reapers make trip with pilots on ground
2009.02.01: A Talking Robot Sounds Like Humans
2009.02.01: Beetle biomimicry could allow robots to climb vertical glass walls
2009.02.01: A fin-tuned design
2009.02.01: A Computer that Thinks Like Me == Scary
2009.02.01: Self-Aware Robot Can Adapt To Environment
2009.02.01: Robotic Vehicles to Look for Life in Arctic Depths
2009.02.01: New Games Powered By Brain Waves
2009.02.01: Aeroacoustics Research Could Quiet Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
2009.02.01: A Gizmo That Saves Lives
2009.02.01: New Software To Improve Design Tools
2009.02.01: Robots To Clean Your Kitchen And Play A Game Of Hockey?
2009.02.01: Virtual Patient Helps Train Pharmacists Of The Future
2009.02.01: New Robotics Challenge Aims To Develop Friendly Highly Autonomous Robots
2009.01.31: Have some plastic bottles?
2009.01.31: Interview: Giant Robot Builder Jaimie Mantzel
2009.01.31: NASA To Test New-Generation Space Rocket
2009.01.31: Swallow a Surgeon
2009.01.31: Army's 'Crusher' gets $14 million makeover
2009.01.31: Upgrading the Prosthetic Hand
2009.01.31: Quasi, the most friendly robot you'll ever meet
2009.01.30: NICO robot is self-aware
2009.01.30: Musical robot composes, performs and teaches
2009.01.30: Robo-forklift keeps humans out of harm's way
2009.01.30: Assistive robot adapts to people, new places
2009.01.29: Robotic Arm on NASA Mars Rover Showcases COSMOS Analysis Software.
2009.01.29: Wide-eyed, dancing BeatBots help child development and autism researchers
2009.01.29: Aiko - the walking, talking face of the future
2009.01.29: Are Unmanned Fighters Ready for Combat?
2009.01.29: Medical robotics expert explores the human-machine interface
2009.01.29: Robots Show That Brain Activity Is Linked To Time As Well As Space
2009.01.29: New Musical Instrument Drums Up YouTube Hit
2009.01.28: Robot Mine Sweeper Gets Help From Clue Game Strategies
2009.01.21: Bionic hand gives student new lease on life
2009.01.18: Busted Spine-Discs? Researchers Are Growing New Ones, Bioengineering Intervertebral Discs
2009.01.18: Carnegie Mellon Engineering Researchers To Create Speech Recognition In Silicon
2009.01.14: Scientists invent robot suit to help you Weed the Garden
2008.12.20: Robots Created That Develop And Display Emotions And Become Attached To Certain People
2008.12.20: Robots Designed To Save Lives Of Construction Workers
2008.12.09: Virtual Electrical Laboratory Lends A Helping Hand To Students With Disabilities
2008.12.09: Robots Learn To Predict Where Their Leader Is Going, And Follow Along
2008.12.08: Understanding Brain Tumor Growth Through Applying Weather Forecasting Technology
2008.12.06: Robot That Jumps Like A Grasshopper And Rolls Like A Ball Created For Space Exploration
2008.12.06: New Prosthetic Hand Has Grip Function Almost Like A Natural Hand
2008.12.05: Knee Brace Generates Electricity From Walking
2008.12.05: Scientists Create Prosthesis Of The Future
2008.12.05: Brain Surgery Helps a Mute Man Speak
2008.12.03: Motoman industrial robot cooks okonomiyaki
2008.12.03: Household bot makes theatrical debut
2008.11.29: Postmortem imaging of myocardial infarction in correlation to autopsy.
2008.11.29: Lasers help patients breathe easier and reduce spinal pain
2008.11.29: Pacman comes to life virtually
2008.11.24: MITs Huggable Telepresence Bear
2008.11.24: NASA Innovator Brian Wilcox on Mars Exploration
2008.11.22: Brain Reorganizes to Adjust for Loss of Vision
2008.11.21: Battlefield Bot for the Rest of Us
2008.11.21: Pitt team to build on brain-controlled arm
2008.11.19: Military tests rocket-powered bionic arm
2008.11.16: Robotic Surgeon To Team Up With Doctors, Astronauts On NASA Mission
2008.11.16: MIT Wheelchair/Bed Aims to Boost Independence
2008.11.15: Honda walking aid is like a bicycle seat with motorized legs
2008.11.02: Prototype artificial heart unveiled, expected to cost $192k
2008.11.01: Robots to Build Martian Colonies
2008.10.29: Dean Kamen's 'Luke Arm' Prosthesis Readies for Clinical Trials
2008.10.27: A picture is worth a thousand passwords
2008.10.23: Single Incision Robotic Kidney Removal
2008.10.23: The Cutting Edge of Haptic Research
2008.10.23: Robot Mimics a Canine Helper
2008.10.23: Georgia Tech Wins the 4th Mission of the International Aerial Robotics Competition
2008.10.22: Robots to teach math, science to children
2008.10.22: Medical robot mimics obscure conditions
2008.10.22: Micro Robots, From Cell Manipulation To Micro Assembly
2008.10.22: VEXplorer Robot Brings Robotics to the Younger Set
2008.10.21: DARPA Contract Description Hints at Advanced Video Spying
2008.10.21: A Toast to the Bionic Man
2008.10.21: Clever artificial hand developed
2008.10.21: Jesse Sullivan, the world's first Bionic Man
2008.10.21: 'Bionic' limb breakthrough made
2008.10.20: Helicopters Teach Themselves To Perform Aerial Maneuvers
2008.10.20: Robot snakes slither forward
2008.10.19: Monkeys Consciously Control A Robot Arm Using Only Brain Signals
2008.10.19: Revolutionary New Robot Helps People Learn to Walk Again After Stroke or Disability
2008.10.19: Robot Has Human-like Hand Controlled By 'Brain' Modeled After Human Cerebellum
2008.10.18: Rat-brain controlled robot aids memory research
2008.10.18: Space-rugged robot put to volcano test
2008.10.18: Snake-arm robot works in tight quarters
2008.10.18: Researchers create wirelessly-powered robot swarm
2008.10.18: MIT wheelchair steers clear with Wi-Fi
2008.10.18: IMPASS Wheel-Leg Hybrid Robot
2008.10.18: Military father gets robotics contract

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