Next Generation of Ossur Power Knee in Action

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Ossur, a developer of prosthetic implants, announced that last week its second generation Power Knee bionic prosthesis was implanted in a patient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

The Power Knee uses sensor and actuators, coupled with artificial intelligence to better mimic natural walking with less effort by the patient.

In 2006, working in partnership with Victhom Human Bionics, Ossur introduced the POWER KNEE, representing the most advanced technology of its kind with the ability to replace lost muscle function and provide increased safety. Used mostly within the Department of Defense and the Veterans Healthcare Administration, the POWER KNEE marked a new milestone in amputee mobility, safety and advancing natural motion through a powered gait process.

Just three years later, working closely with Walter Reed Army Medical Center and in collaboration with partner Victhom Human Bionics, the next generation of the POWER KNEE has been developed. "The second generation is smaller, sleeker, quieter, lighter and is expected to become widely used by both unilateral and dual amputees," stated Lt. Col. (Dr.) Paul F. Pasquina, chief, Integrated Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Walter Reed and the National Naval Medical Center, according to Inside Nova.

Lieutenant Colonel Greg Gadson is the first in the world to receive the commercially-ready prosthetic knees and will soon be followed by other patients at WRAMC. LTC Gadson was serving in Baghdad in May of 2007 when the truck he was riding was struck by a bomb, leaving him on the side of the road bleeding and in and out of consciousness. Ten days later, he was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with first his left leg amputated, then his right. His undoubting spirit and triumph over tragedy has made him a role model and leader among champions. Notwithstanding the 2008 Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants, who credit Gadson with giving them the motivation they needed in what became a legendary season. "LTC Gadson was a leader on the football field at West Point. He was a leader to his battalion in combat. And he's been a leader in our rehabilitation environment," added Pasquina.

"It's sort of like driving a school bus and then someone puts you in a sports car," Gadson explained. "You still know how to drive, but itís quite a different feeling. I just hope this is a path for people to really expand their lives," Gadson said.

According to Ossur, a full commercial release of the Power Knee is expected by 2010.

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