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Norwegian firm testing what may be 'world's smallest' helicopter

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Don't confuse this with what the hucksters are flogging at your local mall. This 15-gram "nano" copter goes where it's told and back again, indoor or out. Now on its fifth prototype, the PD-100 Black Hornet has achieved a major milestone this month after successfully completing its first outdoor flight test.

Hydrogen-powered UAV in the works

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In what it says is a "first of its kind" initiative, the U.S. Navy plans to launch sometime this spring an unmanned aerial vehicle for a 24-hour endurance flight carrying a 5-pound payload and powered entirely by a hydrogen-powered fuel cell.

Visual EMR Software Pass Clinical Trial

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IBM has teamed up with a company called Nhumi Technologies, out of Zurich, Switzerland, a developer of EMR visualization software, to create a hospital record system that can help clinicians see more relevant patient data in a more efficient manner. By using an avatar to represent a particular patient, the system shows what clinical information is available in the EMR record on different parts and regions of the patient's body.

Next Generation of Ossur Power Knee in Action

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Ossur, a developer of prosthetic implants, announced that last week its second generation Power Knee bionic prosthesis was implanted in a patient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The Power Knee uses sensor and actuators, coupled with artificial intelligence to better mimic natural walking with less effort by the patient.

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