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RobOrchestra III: Robotic Harmony


by webster32



Background Information
Xylobot is near and dear to the RobOrchestra team as it was the 'bot that started it all. The first xylobot was built several years ago by Steven Shamlian and thus began the vision for a mobile robotic band. The orignal xylophone left upon Shamlian's graduation, but the recent xylobot carries on the tradition.
How it Works
Xylobot is an automonous xylophone playing robot controlled by an array of 16 MOSFETs and push solenoids attached on a scale from C to high A. It is capable of playing notes at 12 millisecond intervals and running directly from the Fruitfly microcontroller.

In code, it is controlled by a two byte register, which is reset every time-step according to instructions sent by the higher level improvisation algorithm. The Xylobot was redesigned with a new wiring harness and MOSFET array. The instrument also has a wooden shell for protection and asthetics.
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Project Background

Started: Fall 2005
Completed: In Progress
Funding: CMU URO
Budget: $850 (annual)

Members: Rich Pantaleo, Erica Sandbothe, Barkin Aygun, Kevin Woo, Laura Abbott, Daniel Shope, Justin Scheiner, Katherine Coste, Lesley Linne, Greg Williams, Matthew Kaemmerer

RobOrchestra is a team dedicated to creating a robotic orchestra that plays music of its own devising.

Assembly Instructions