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SolidWorks Lesson 1.4: Sweeps, Assemblies, & Mates (Yo-Yo String)
Last time we created a yo-yo body and learned how to use rotational extrusions and mirrored sketches. In this lesson we'll learn how sweeps work, start using assemblies, and learn about the SolidWorks assembly attachments called "mates"...
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Solidworks Lesson 1.3: Yo Yo
In this lesson I'll introduce two new features -- rotational extrusions and mirrored sketches. Both of these tools are very useful for relating symmetrical geometry about an axis, whether 2D or 3D. This is the first of a two part lesson during which we'll create a yo-yo model. We'll revisit this next week to create the second half of our toy!
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SolidWorks Lesson 1.2: Your First Part (Donut)
For your first lesson we'll start off with the basics. After this lesson you should know some basic techniques of CAD modeling and begin to understand the Solidworks interface. You might also be hungry, if we do a good job with our donut!
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SolidWorks 101: Lesson 1
I started writing these tutorials as part of a one day course I taught for beginners. These are designed for use while using a copy of SolidWorks. SolidWorks is a great tool, because you can sit down and learn how to do things yourself. Some other modeling programs have such a complicated workflow that it is almost necessary to have either a teacher or manual...
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